Complex system for design of roads and motorways

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RoadPAC is program package for complex design of roads and motorways. Program package allows calculate all necessary data for complex design of road including earthworks volumes, balance of mass-haul and calculation of setting up elements in a short time.


RoadPAC also creates necessary graphic drawings as layout of centre line and its offset curves, complete longitudinal profile, corridor cross sections, complete corridor layout, perspective views and mass-haul diagrams. The drawings can be either displayed directly on screen or exported into AutoCAD, BricsCAD or ZWCAD DWG or DXF files before final processing in selected CAD environment.

Besides basic programs in the list, RoadPAC also includes other service functions that help to improve productivity of work and save time and expenses.

Among the most important features of ROADPAC belong to:

  • Easy use of functions of the package (program
  • Dialog editing of input data (program
  • Quick creation of various alternative solutions, interactivity where is useful
  • Interactive graphic control of designed road on screen
  • Independent graphic environment (RoadPAC - PLOTFILE)
  • Connection to capacitive digital terrain model (DTM) which is linked to the system
  • Interactive cooperation with AutoCAD/BricsCAD/ZWCAD graphic software and DXF file import and export of drawings
  • The package is always ready for adding of new modules using common interface.

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